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Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1) - R.K. Lilley Although I haven't read the Up in the Air trilogy, I heard this is a stand-alone so I went ahead with it.

There's your customary angst characteristic of your typical NA but I think this is one of the better NA books out there. I saw traces of FSoG/Crossfire/This Man series and Beautiful Disaster throughout the story, but Ms. Lilley has at least put enough spin on things to make this a different story. A H&h with both broken pasts trying to make their relationship works.

It was def a good read for me. Difficult subjects were tackled sensitively enough. A h who was pretty much in touch with her emotions and a H who looked and talked the part. And boy, do they have chemistry!!! I appreciated how the relationship built up even though it really occurred in a short amount of time. There were some lines that sounded stilted to me which lessened my connection to the characters to a small degree. It was a tad repetitive at certain points. And I thought the h was forgiving of the H too fast but then again when the H is someone like Tristan, how can you not be?*g*

It's got a HFN ending, and given the circumstances at the end, I thought it was appropriate without leaving the readers hanging too much.