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Craving Constellations

Craving Constellations (The Aces, #1) - Nicole Jacquelyn

It may not be the right word given the the sensitivity of some of the issues covered in this book but let's just say that I did enjoy this one. It was a quick read with the right amount of action and "action";)

The story/writing obviously pulled me in enough but certain things brought on mixed feelings. I didn't fully get the connection b/w the H&h from that 1 night 5 yrs ago. I didn't understand some of the h's reasoning, although I did enjoy some of her inner musings. I thought the H's POV brought not much additional insight. As steamy as the scenes were, they also felt a little formulaic. I certainly did not appreciate one of his actions towards the h. Duuude, so not cool at all! And I didn't like the comparison made about the lifestyle of a biker's 'old lady'. I'm sorry but that's not just semantics.

I did like how things built up towards the ending. And in the end, I did enjoy how the story flowed. It'll be interesting to see the other characters getting their own stories. I would like to find out, for sure.