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The Secret History

The Secret History - Donna Tartt

A story of 5 students who shared a dark secret that led them to bad things. Like I told a friend, it's like Dead Poet Society with an edge.

I admit it took me time to finish this one, not because it was poorly written but it was just one of those reads that you savor, you pause once in a while to ponder and you take your time to reach the ending just because you know it doesn't matter how it ends, good or bad, it is what it is, or in this case, it's how you want to interpret it.

I must say I didn't understand the reverence and admiration they have for their professor who just seemed like a vapid snot to me. And maybe I was just too dense but certain things felt like they came out of the left field completely. For some reason though, liked Richard's voice, the narrator of the story. No, he's not necessarily a likable character but I like his perspective of almost being an outsider even though he was eventually just as knee deep as the rest of the group in their secret. Actually, none of the characters are necessarily likable but in the end I couldn't help but still feel sorry for them for the tragedy, in one form or another, that befell most of them.

Although it felt a tad pretentious at times, the writing did draw me in and it painted things quite vividly in my head. Somehow, it just gave me this surreal feeling the whole time I was reading, as if everything was in a dream-state kind of setting... Will I read any more of Ms. Tartt's work? Not sure...