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Entwined with You - Sylvia Day Best one in the series so far, as far as I'm concerned...

I thought it was interesting reading about the reaction to this book. It appears some people are rating this book not just based on the content alone but also on their feeling about Ms. Day herself and the decision to extend this series. To a tiny degree, I guess I can understand how those emotions get all tangled up to affect one's reading pleasure, or lack thereof.

There are no extreme highs or lows in this book but considering what Eva and Gideon have gone thru in the first 2 books, I thought it was just right to see their relationship plateau a little, and just see it grow as they go thru mundane tasks. There are still unresolved issues, with all the death, parents and friends, but resolving them just for the sake of resolving them, will only leave readers half-satisfied, I'm guessing. There may be extraneous details/drama, but what may be extraneous in this book, I trust Ms. Day will make its purpose known in the 4th and 5th book. The ending is not your typical grand HEA, but with all 3 books, the ending is always on the hopeful note. I've watched several of Ms. Day's interviews, and I sense the intent to give Eva and Gideon's story the proper development and the perfect ending it deserves. So, I'm all ok with the pace of this series... But then again, I'm an avid Sylvia Day fan...

If nothing else, if I have to summarize why I love this book (and series) in one word, then that's easy. GIDEON.

Enough said:)