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Bad Boys Ahoy! (Scandalous Liaisons)

Bad Boys Ahoy! - Sylvia Day

This collection has been changed to Scandalous Liaisons I suppose to make it less cheesy-sounding and more marketable. I'm cool, regardless, since I've been a Sylvia Day fan for a while now.

Maybe I'm just imagining things but I can see this is one of Ms. Day's earlier works. There's basically 3 short stories, all 3 had to be about insta-lust with little context, except perhaps for Lucien's Gamble, my fave out of the 3...

Stolen Pleasures - 3* (typical hot pirate)
Lucien's Gamble - 4* (a reformed libertine, feisty heroine)
Her Mad Grace - 2.5* (didn't get either H nor h, sorry)

If you're looking for an easy historical steamy read, I say it's good enough. If you're a Day fan like myself, it's nice way to pass the time & get a Sylvia Day fix until the release of her next new novel/novella:D