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Taking Shots

Taking Shots (Assassins, #1) - Toni Aleo

Actually, DNF at 36%, sorry. I knew I was in trouble when I was skimming by 25% and I thought I was really being patient already by reaching as far as I did. It's not the book, it's me. Although I was looking for something light after my last read, this was beyond wispy light for me. That still probably would've been ok but for the fact that I couldn't get past Elli's insecurity about her size. She's only a friggin' size 10! Yes, I know there was mention about her past that made her feel the way she did, but I'm sorry it wasn't enough to make me understand. And Shea, although sweet didn't make me swoon. Some of the interaction b/w the H&h had enough wit, but alas, not enough to hook me in:(