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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley I think I finally got it! Yup, I think I finally got Ms. Ashley's writing style. Or I've gotten used to it by now at least, because, by golly, I REALLY like this book. I agree with the reviews out there, best one in the series! So so glad I stuck with this series 'cause otherwise I would have missed the story of Tack and Tyra...

I thought Tack and Tyra were really strong characters. They hooked me in right from the get-go with their repartee. Tack definitely could/should belong in anyone's book-boyfriend category, just saying LOL I really enjoyed their story so much that I managed to overlook...

~some of the stilted dialogues (I actually think they're now endearing),
~the too many "um"(s) from Tyra (she's got fire in her belly after all, when called for),
~some of the questionable choices in TV pop culture (excluding Justified, which I also like:p),
~the dubious-sounding lifestyle/choices exhibited (I have no knowledge at all about that lifestyle and I'm just enjoying it for the fiction that it is)
~some of the repetitive lines (which I've come to enjoy, call me crazy)
~that it probably could've been 50 pages shorter if you took some of the repetitive lines and drawn-out drama (but that means Tack and Tyra's story would've ended sooner which is not good)
~and/or the cheesy scenes involving the rest of the Dream Man dudes and their women, plus the recurring ones (this is the final one in the series after all so I understand they gotta have their encore).

All things considered, I was only going to rate this 4 tops, but it got pushed to 5 all because of a phrase with 2 words in it that was on Tack's newest tat at the end of the story, which caught me totally off guard. Not because it's so special a phrase, but only because it's a phrase near and dear to me as well, so to speak. You got me there, for sure, Ms. Ashley. Thank you! And now actually looking forward to reading your other series.