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Seduced in the Dark

Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) - C.J. Roberts

This was not an easy read, that's for sure. If I can be a wuss for a sec, I swear I felt that lump in my throat the whole time I was reading this which was why I had to stop several times (plus I did have to get some sleep b/w work and stuff, hah!).

The way I see it, people who didn't give the first book a chance for thinking it romanticized what is a terrible plight and a real serious issue is missing out by not reading this one. Yes, the "romance" continued b/w the "H" and the h but to me, this book did more than that. I thought it actually painted the real horror around human trafficking, and humanized but did not excuse the people unwillingly caught up in this tragic crime... if that even makes sense...

Some scenes were really hard to get thru'. It almost reminded me of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series (I've only read the first one) which, sorry to say, I hate; only difference was it was with a purpose, to paint a more gruesome picture of what it's like to get caught in that tragedy.

I understand this is meant to be a dark erotica read but I thought it was more than that. Considering it touched on such a grave issue, I almost lost sight of the "romance" aspect of the story and I'm ok with that...

Although I didn't totally root for Caleb, the "H", or more like anti-hero, I didn't hate him either. I just felt for him, as wrong as that may sound. And in the end, I just wanted him to get his own happy ending as well.

Now, Olivia, the h, in my mind, was written so well that regardless of her messed up feelings and thoughts, I just wanted to see her do well and move forward.

To borrow one of Rihanna's song, talk about finding love in a hopeless place. This is what it felt like to me. After all, whether we understand or not, isn't that what everybody wants in the end?... sigh...

5* for all the emotions it wrung out of me, for highlighting an important issue that most of us tend to forget is still happening around the world, and definitely for Ms. Roberts' writing. Brava!