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Addicted - Charlotte Stein

First Charlotte Stein read for me, won't be the last, I think...

Not what I was expecting at all, in a good way. It's highly character-driven. Both H&h are likable enough. You get to see how the h slowly builds her confidence and the H is just this normal dude, relatively speaking. You really get to know the h bec she has a lot of internal dialogues, as other reviewers have noted as well. And I mean, a lot. And at times, it just felt frantic and all over the place. I hardly got to know the H, except near the end, bec I only saw him through the eyes of the h, which wasn't much since the h had so little to go with as well.

It did have steam, that's for sure, but as the story progressed, it just started feeling cerebral for me as I think I got too much in the h's head. (And call me whatever but I particularly did not like one scene, but this is just personal preference.)

I liked the self-deprecation and the humor that came with it. Some of the descriptions were OTT, yes, but in the end, I did like how Ms. Stein writes.