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The Tycoon's Revenge

The Tycoon's Revenge - Melody Anne

Wanted something "light" before I start on one of my more angst-y reads, and I guess I got what I wanted. Something about the story obviously piqued my interest, and initially, I was really liking it, you know the usual born-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-track-then-becoming-super-rich-ready-to-exact-his(or her)-revenge-but-ended-up-eating-his(or her)-words-because-love-got-the-better-side-of-him(or her)-and-all-is-forgiven type of story. But eventually, the stilted dialogues got to me and couldn't get past it, sorry. And so, even the steam just became ho-hum. Then I just became this passive observer who stuck around just to see what happened. It ended up one of those reads where everything falls in its proper places with nary a conflict, or if there was conflict, I wasn't vested in anything that it still felt like no conflict at all, if that makes sense.

I'm not ready to give up completely on Ms. Anne. The beginning of the book did catch my attention. And this was after all written 2 yrs ago and things may have changed, right? I'm still curious about the Surrender series... if that makes sense...