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Tangle of Need

Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh


Old book, fairly new sub-genre and new Nalini Singh read for me. This book was passed on to me. Saw Sylvia Day talked about Ms. Singh being one of her fave PNR writers so I thought I'd give it a shot (hey, I'll keep saying it, I'm a huge Day fan and I pay attention to her rec:p). Rating has got nothing to do with the writing or the story. Blame's all on me...

So, I went in ahead knowing that this is a series. Despite the fact that the book has a lot of side stories about the world they live in and the other characters who I know had their own separate stories in the series prior to this one, which took away (a lot of) pages from the H&h's story, I still enjoyed the interaction and totally bought the heat b/w the H&h. I admit I felt a little lost about some of the events going on in their world but I kinda' got the gist. It's like walking into a long movie after an intermission, you're still able to follow the story line and realize you like the characters but wish you had the chance to see the first part of the movie. Luckily, there are re-runs. Luckily, I know I'll get my chance, eventually, to read the other books in these series... :)