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Willing Victim

Willing Victim - Cara McKenna

Whoah! Did I really read what I just read? This is a first Cara McKenna read for me, and all I can think is she does live up to her writing style: "A little dark, a little funny, always emotional."

I came across Ms. McKenna's name because one of her books is (was?) one of Sylvia Day's TBR and since I'm a huge Day fan, it piqued my curiosity...

Prior to starting this one, I did read the synopsis and some of the reviews so I can't say I wasn't warned, but call me silly, I was still caught off-guard by the 30ish% mark. To say that it was out of my comfort zone is putting it mildly.

So how did I end up giving it a 4*? Firstly, considering how uncomfortable some of the scenes made me feel, I still managed to finish it because I realized I like how Ms. McKenna writes. The dialogues are smart enough (albeit a tad crude at times), nothing feels contrived even though it's a novella, and once I put aside my unease about the premise, I actually do like the characters. Flynn is not your typical alpha hero, very blue-collar and smokin'. And crikey, some of the lines, dare I say, just sizzled! So I guess this rating is primarily for her writing.

As for the story, yup, it's not necessarily for everybody...