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Tempt Me Tonight

Tempt Me Tonight - Toni Blake

First Toni Blake read for me. And I liked it a lot!

For me, there was just the right amount of angst and drama. Actually the angst almost felt light because I think lately I've been reading too many of those romance stories that's been serialized and with too much angst. But that's just me. It was just the right book to get me off the angst-laden romance train, an easy romance read for a change.

I liked both Joe and Trish and the interaction b/w them. I totally bought the heat b/w the 2, oh yes!^_^ I guess the idea of 2nd chance tugged at me. I didn't quite get the extra details about Bev, but eventually I think I understood why. I think Ms. Blake did well in making me understand where Trish was coming from, and Joe wasn't super alpha oh but he was the right H alright and totally
Definitely looking forward to reading Ms. Blake's other work.