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Inferno - Dan Brown 3.5*

In typical Dan Brown fashion, you get the historic European cities as backdrops to the story (Florence and Venice this time) that act almost like characters on its own, the right amount of action, mystery and suspense, the right amount of conspiracy theory-like threads here and there (in my head only anyways, just to be clear), and the almost quaint-like history about certain artifacts or art pieces. Put that all together, I quite enjoyed the story. It was a nice summer light read. I liked how the cities are described to make me feel like I'm really there. I even think his writing has gotten better since the style that bothered me in The Da Vinci Code didn't this time. Ok, maybe except for the part that "eidetic memory" is now stuck in my head considering the number of times it was mentioned...

I think the people who've enjoyed the other books about Robert Langdon will also enjoy this one. Well, at least I know I did.