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Beauty From Pain (Beauty Series) (Volume 1) - Georgia Cates If I haven't read too many similar plot lately, this would have definitely rated higher in my book. I liked it that much that I actually didn't mind the cliffhanger ending that seems to be a favorite style among writers in this genre recently to allow the characters' story to extend to 1 or 2 more books.

I liked how the story developed. While reading, I did wonder how Ms. Cates will make Jack get out of the shady way he started the whole relationship, but I wasn't disappointed how it all worked out as the story progressed. I felt things flowed naturally. Jack was a good alpha hero. And surprisingly, Laurelyn was alright. I questioned some of her decisions in the beginning but in the end, I did like her. I liked the alternating POV done chapter-wise. It allowed me to get a good enough understanding of both H/h. And I liked the little touches of "Australia-ism" here and there.

Will be starting the next book soon, for sure. And I can see my self reading whatever NA/CR she writes in the future.