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Rush - Maya Banks A solid 3.5

My only exposure to Ms. Banks' works before this one was from an anthology, which I didn't finish unfortunately. Not that she doesn't write well because I think she does. It was more because I found that some, if not most of her stories, are outside my comfort zone. I guess I found one that's within mine in this book, and I enjoyed this one well enough.

I can see why FSOG is brought up with this book even though I also agree that it shouldn't be. I thought Gabe, at various points of the story, was like a mixture of Christian/Gideon/Jesse. That one scene in Paris did make me uncomfortable, almost made me hate Gabe, and practically skipped it but fortunately, Ms. Banks didn't go there completely. As for Mia, just when she's about to annoy the heck out of me, I thought she showed enough spunk. The ending boosted the rating by 1/2 a star for me.

One itty bitty thing that didn't quite work for me was some of the dialogues. It sometimes felt unnatural so I wasn't buying into it. Regardless, it didn't take anything away from my enjoyment.