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Pride and Pleasure - Sylvia Day 3.5

I'm such a fan of Sylvia Day, the plan really is pretty much to read all her work...

Maybe it was just me, but the characters in this book had a different feel for me for some reason. Both H&h felt like a bit of a departure from her usual H&h. It's neither better nor worse, just different. Not that Ms. Day gives the same attributes to her characters all the time, but like I said, they just feel different somehow.

I still got the strong (in her own way) h, thankfully. The H didn't feel like the usual alpha males I've come to expect from Ms. Day's work. He still made me swoon a little but not as much as the H in her other books. And I was actually surprised that there was more telling and not enough showing esp about the H's back story, which I never thought of in Ms. Day's other works. Hmmm...

But in true Ms. Day form, the interaction b/w the H&h is smart, honest and hot, as always. That part of Ms. Days' work, for me, never disappoints in any of her books.

Overall, I thought this was still a pretty enjoyable read.