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On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young Due to the proliferation of books like this out there, stories like this have become a dime a dozen these days, unfortunately. Sucker that I am, I've fallen for all the bruhaha around them and have started reading way too many of such kind. Having said that and considering what's out there, I think this book was definitely better written than some.

There were tiny editing issues. And I say tiny considering the really glaring ones I've seen in other books. The conversations and descriptions felt awkward, especially in the beginning. Things that needed to be shown were told or vice versa, in my opinion. I understood why the writer was doing it. It's all part of building the story, but it just appeared she wasn't sure how to build it into the scenes so she just sneaked it in where she could. I also didn't get the way the h swore in her head. I think the writer thought it was endearing that the h has her own version of the known cuss words out there but it just sounded a tad juvenile. Regardless, I did get over it and it got better for me as the book progressed.

And granted it's not written magnificently, at least Ms. Young gave context to the characters' behavior, especially the heroine's. I understood where the h was coming from, for the most part. The last 50 pages, however, were quite painful for me as the heroine's issues stretched out too much, I lost some of the sympathy I had for her. I almost skipped pages just to get to the HEA part.

I did enjoy the chemistry b/w the H&h. And the H did make me swoon. How can he not? He was the right mix of alpha behavior with a dash of caring and knowing exactly what the h needs/wants because that's just how a H acts when he's found the right h. He becomes the perfect man. And I only say these words about the H not to be sarcastic (there was some swooning, like I said), but only to let Ms. Young and other writers out there know that creating a strong H is all fine and dandy but pls don't forget that there's also nothing wrong with creating a h that's just as strong and credible as the H. That's all...

In the end, I did enjoy this more than I thought I would. It was a quick read. It had its hot moments. And I'm sure Ms. Young will only get better in time as she writes more adult CR.