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Leftie, one of two book blogger sisters (Leftie & Rightie), feeding her guilty reads (translation, romance/sexy *g*) and really just blogging about books she loves and hates.

Men Out of Uniform - Sylvia Day, Maya Banks, Karin Tabke Soul Possession:
Sorry, it's not my cup of tea. It doesn't say anything at all about Ms. Banks' writing. It's just me.

DNF either
Sorry, but this time it's the writing that didn't work for me. The way some of the dialogues/scenes went, it felt like I was missing a page the way it jumps.

Taking the Heat:
I may be biased because I'm a big Sylvia Day fan so needless to say, this was my fave. I liked both H/h. The chemistry b/w the 2 didn't feel forced or contrived. If I'm being nitpicky, I feel the same way about this book what I feel about Ms. Day's other novellas, that it could've been longer.