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Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley See, sometimes I'm so stubborn I don't even listen to myself. When it comes to this book, I guess that kinda' paid off. Surprisingly enough, no offense. After the 1st 2 of the Dream Man series, I really had no high expectations anymore. I just wanted to finish the series. Why? I'm not sure actually, I just felt I had to. Regardless, I suppose Ms. Ashley has finally broken down my defenses because I really like this book. My fave so far, for sure.

What I didn't like:
- The use of flashback in quite a number of scenes and the way certain sentences are structured that appear to be prevalent in Ms. Ashley's books (the 3 that I've read anyway). It made it feel disjointed for me at times.
- Repetitious lines
- Sappy dialogues at times, making me wonder who talks like that in real life
- With 30 pages left to the book I thought it got really cheesy when all the Dream Man "heroes" gathered together to save the day, of course! *eyes rolling* I almost downgraded my rating just because of that but I guess it was a shout-out to the entire series

What I found strange:
- The regional speak, in a way, and just for the male character(s). I hope I'm not offending anyone when I ask if men in Colorado really talk that way. "You get me? Yeah?"

What I do like (and made it worth my while):
- The editing has gotten much better
- <3 Mara and Mitch<br/>- Billy and Billie were adorable
- Mitch was not your bajillionaire-type alpha male but most definitely swoon-worthy

So, I guess I get it, yeah!:)