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Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas Again, I would've rated it lower or even say I didn't like it, but, again, that would be totally hypocritical of me since I did end up finishing the book.

Minor editing issue still there? Yup. Weak female character? Yup. And actually has gone more neurotic I thought. Over the top alpha male with control issues? Yup, still there, and has gone more over the top, if that's possible. Gratuitous sex? Yup, of course still there. They fought and have sex, fought and have sex, fought and have sex, get the idea? It was the only way he knows how to communicate, so went the explanation *raises eyebrow* Could the book have been shorter like the first one? Yup. HEA at least? Of course! Again, the story (and the ending) giving me a feeling of "been there, read that" which made me less forgiving of the book...

Oh, and I don't get, in both books, the whole thing about him not liking when she swears and him swearing in the same breath. And I'm not even touching his issue with alcohol, and her issues, in general, nor his age issue, which made me brace myself, before it was revealed , in case he was in his 50's or something. There was an attempt to explain his behaviour near the end, a tad too late if I may add. If the characters were fleshed out more, instead of just the constant sex, that probably would have explained a lot of things. I guess that's the goal of the 3rd book. It is titled This Man Confessed after all. Not sure how to explain the female character though.

But hey, yes, I did finish it. Again, begrudgingly, despite it all, it hooked me in, again, even made me swoon a few times (how about that!), AND here's the kicker, I think I may just be looking forward to the 3rd one at that (just maybe), so in my books, that's gotta count for something... *sigh*