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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn I'm normally just a rate-by-number-of-stars kinda' gal but this book got me writing more just because personally, the # of stars I give this book does not fully explain how I feel about this book...

Tethering b/w 3/5 and 4/5 for the plot alone. Something about the plot obviously piqued my curiosity in the first place.

Tethering b/w 1/5 and 2/5 for the characters. By the end of the book, I couldn't decide if the characters are just infuriating or pathetic or just downright scary (especially if I think that there may be real people out there like these characters). One minute, I'm completely sympathizing then feeling indifferent next. Then there's the head shaking in between. Argh!

But here's the kicker, despite all the things mentioned above, or maybe because of above, I couldn't put the book down. I just felt compelled to see it through. Typically, if I can't relate to the story or the characters, I just stop reading. So for me to finish the book in the time I finished, that says something. That says something about the way Gillian Flynn write for sure. For that it's a 5/5 for me.

So in the end, I decided to take the middle road on this book; hence the 3/5.