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Exquisite (Exquisite Series)

Exquisite (Exquisite Series) - Ella Frank Between 3.5* and 4*

A sweet tender read with well developed characters. I probably could have rated this a whole lot higher but there's something I can't quite put my fingers on that's preventing me to do so. Weird, I know.

I enjoyed the build-up to Lena & Mason's relationship, the sexual tension along the way, the steam b/w the 2 (smokin'!), their witty exchange, all the side characters, the dual POV which flowed smoothly, and the tender moments (<3 Mason and Lena really showed true maturity at the end). <br/>
Where I couldn't quite put my fingers on, sorta': the whole time, I felt like I was reading in slo-mo, not sure why; it felt like it dragged but not really, 'cause I was enjoying the story; the tiring feeling I got with some of the banter b/w the H&h but then again, I was really enjoying them thru out the story; the feeling of being just an observant at times yet I was feeling the emotions at the same time:S Could I have just simply said it's the writing style? Maybe?... hmmm...[There was also the minor editing issue (I may just have a bad copy on hand) which actually didn't detract me from the story but yes, I noticed...]

Regardless, I know I will be reading the rest of the series. This part, I'm sure:)