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Reaper's Property

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde 3.5-4.0*

Ms. Wylde may agree or not, but I see traces of MM in this one but that's only a good thing in my head:) The characters are developed enough. Didn't completely buy the connection b/w the H&h in the beginning nor did I enjoy the texting interaction (fortunately, that part was short) but as the story progressed, the heat is there, for sure. Got a strong enough h and swoon-y enough H. Although I might not have been 100% emotionally connected at all times, but bottom line, I enjoyed the story, I liked the build-up to the events and I loved how bad-ass the h turned out for her man in the end, all adding up to a nice ending. Def looking forward to Reaper's Legacy now.

(Thanks to Suzanne for the rec:D)