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Risk the Night

Risk the Night - Anne Stuart First Anne Stuart read for me and after reading this short story, the one question I ask myself is how have I not read Anne Stuart before?!?!

It was the cover that first grabbed me as I have a soft spot for Paris. Then the blurb got my attention. Haven't read too many romantic suspense (I don't think so anyway); it's either one or the other.

I think this is really well written for such a short story. A h who's comfortable in her own skin. An assassin (I say you can't get any more antihero than that) who's cold, calculating and manipulative. Then this inexplicable pull b/w them. I totally bought the heat b/w these 2, how about that! And like many reviewers here have already said, I wish it was longer.

For me, if Ms. Stuart managed to do this with a short story, I imagine I can only expect good things with her full-length novels. I think I may have found a new fave sub-genre and writer.