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Purgatory Masters: Tucker's Fall

Purgatory Masters: Tucker's Fall - Eliza Gayle First Eliza Gayle read, and still fairly new genre for me. I can usually read it as long as it stays vanilla-ish. And this pushed my boundaries a bit but managed to stay within my comfort zone.

Personal preference aside, I did like the writing enough but some parts of the story didn't click. To me, there's a lot of unanswered questions about the H&h's separate pasts. Even though there is some history b/w the H&h that goes back fr high school, the relationship still felt rushed which just made me feel a little disconnected from the H&h's emotions. Maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention but there was also inconsistency about the use of protection. And some of the H's terms of endearment for the h just didn't work for me.

Having said that, I probably would still continue to read Ms. Gayle's other work, stories within my comfort zone, that is *g*