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This Man

This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas I would've rated it lower or even say I didn't like it, but that would be totally hypocritical of me since I did end up finishing the book. And got me to read the next one too! Gah!

I'm not gonna focus on the minor editing issue (like "standing" is the progressive tense of "stand", not "stood", for starter), or the weak female character, or the over-the-top alpha male character who has extreme control issues, or the gratuitous sex, or the fact that it probably could have been 100 pages shorter, or the way it ended the way it ended leaving you hanging and no choice but to read the 2nd book, or the story (and the ending) giving me a feeling of "been there, read that" which made me less forgiving of the book... No I'm not gonna...

Like I said, yes, I did finish it and read the next one (I can only imagine how it would have been if I read this one with the 2nd one not published yet, with the way it ended... not even going there). Begrudgingly, despite it all, it hooked me in, so in my books, that's gotta count for something... *sigh*